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Musical Theatre Classes

Emma Dodds Musical Theatre Classes

Our Musical Theatre Classes combine singing, dancing and acting to provide our students with a rounded training and the ability to deliver a "triple threat performance!"
In order to succeed in the best way possible performers are required to be a "triple threat" in mastering the art of singing, dancing and acting. This is reflected in the School's logo where all three skills work alongside each other in perfect harmony.

We aim to broaden the students skills, encourage them to stand out from the crowd and step outside of their comfort zone to achieve more than they ever believed possible!
Musical Theatre performers need to be equally skilled at every aspect of showmanship.

Our classes are led by Industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a warm friendly environment perfect for the students to learn, make friendships and above all have fun!



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LAMDA classes help you gain confidence, improve your performance skills and enhance all aspects of your academic and social education, the aim being to help you grow into a more rounded individual.  Of course, it also teaches fundamental basics and a strong background for those wishing to venture further into the performing arts.

Now in it's sixth year, Lamda at Doddies continues to flourish with a 100% pass rate, of which the students can be immensely proud. For many tackling an extra subject alongside their studies for SATs, GCSE's or A Levels has been a tough, but rewarding challenge.

Last term every examinee achieved a Distinction (80% and above) , with a few earning a fantastic 96%!

This academic year will see more group work developing and many students beginning to study at Medal Level: tackling Greek Tragedy, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Stanislavsky, Brecht and much more.

For some, Lamda studies has lead to participating in the Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts and we are excited to see what the Doddies bring this year!


Technical Jazz

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This class aims to develop students Jazz technique and style. Classes consist of warm ups, core strengthening and technical exercises culminating in choreographed routines designed to inspire and challenge. Classes are very popular as a result. 

Students require a high level of technical proficiency to successfully deliver stylised and dramatic  sequences. Classes enable the students to build core strength, gain stamina and confidence whilst developing the resilience required for the modern day performer.

Classes are available at Intermediate and Advanced Levels.


Commercial Jazz


Commercial Jazz is fast proving to be one of the most popular forms of dance style of recent years. It can be seen in music videos, concerts, television and musical theatre.

This class is fast paced and features a mixture of sharp and fluid movements, popping and locking, breakdancing and animated expression cleverly used to tell the story through dance. 

Students will be put through their paces, learning super stylish and challenging routines in the style of the "X-Factor". Build confidence, stamina, the ability to pick up a routine in a limited amount of time in this fun, action packed class. The class is very popular amongst our current students as a result.

Classes are available at Intermediate and Advanced Levels.


Adult Performance Classes

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Adult Performance Class is a fun no- pressure session which enables you to learn a varied style of dance, gain regular exercise, make friends and above all have fun! 
Taught by a team of Industry professionals the class is aimed at ages 18 plus and welcomes all abilities.

Experience fun challenging choreography, being part of a wonderful team, culminating in an exhilarating end of year performance in the School's Summer Showcase at Danceeast.


Mini Musical Theatre Classes

Mini Musical Theatre Classes

This class invites our "Mini" students to explore singing, dancing and acting in a warm, friendly and safe environment. Our aim is to build the children's confidence, encourage them to make new friendships and above all have fun. A fun filled, action packed class designed to allow each child the chance to develop their creative skills.